Recreational catamarans Meduza 590
Safety. Seaworthiness. Space. Pure rest.
Recreational catamarans Meduza 590
Safety. Seaworthiness. Space. Pure rest
About catamarans Meduza
Pontoon catamarans "Meduza 590" are designed for boat trips, fishing and hunting on rivers, lakes, and marine coastal zones. Catamarans are actively used as passenger ships in closed seas, not for very large distances. Boats are certified and they have passed all tests with excellent results. 

What are the benefits of a catamaran?

Motor catamarans in comparison with single-hull vessels have several advantages.
Smooth running
The double hull of the catamaran has a lifting force distributed along the edges of the vessel, which ensures its greater stability.
Lots of space
A catamaran is a house on the water, compared to single-hull vessels; a catamaran provides much more space on board compared to a single-hull yacht.
Small draught of the hull
A nice bonus for those who love swimming in shallow waters and it can reach hard-to-reach spots.
The design of the catamaran is made in such a way that a real probability of rolling over even with heavy rocking is minimal.
The resistance of two small, submerged, sharp hulls is less than one displacement with a ballast keel.
Easy to operate
All boaters will confirm that it is very easy to learn how to drive a catamaran; it is unlikely that after that you will want to go back to single-hull boats.
The main characteristics of the model range.
Pontoons are made of aluminum AMG 3M 2 mm thick, filled with polystyrene foam. All profile components are also made of aluminum and have a thickness of 3-4mm. 18 mm thick moisture-resistant plywood is applied on the deck. Railings and tent construction - profile pipe 30 * 30 * 3 mm.

MAX engine power hp

MAX load capacity kg

MAX speed km/h

Passenger Capacity
Strengths of Meduza Catamarans.
Catamarans can be both standard and custom-made.
Individual design
The client himself chooses the size of the boat, the color of the hull, the color of the leather of the seats and additional equipment (barbecue, additional seats, lighting, etc.).
Low cost
Prices for the basic equipment of the Meduza 590 catamaran start from 12,500€.
Safety and quality guarantee
Catamarans are built according to all safety measures and guarantee a calm and comfortable sailing. There are certificates confirming high quality.
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